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what is a mosaic?

A mosaic is a piece of art that is composed of many tiny photographs. From afar, mosaic art glistens with an impressive array of colors and patterns. Up close, the intricacies involved are unveiled, and you can see all of the individual images we capture at your event! Sync photos through your photo booth, social media hashtags, and event photographers to create a masterpiece one frame at a time. Share your Mosaic live online for everyone to see and join in on the fun.

how the mosaic photo wall works

step 1

select the image you would like to use

step 2

capture images from a photo booth, event photographer, or social media

step 3

our software will seamlessly add the images to our virtual design, and print stickers for the in-person board

step 4

Attendees are guided to place the printed sticker on the board in designated blocks

Mosaic in action

Experience the Art of Memories with Our Mosaic Photo Booth! Elevate your event with our cutting-edge mosaic photo booth, where individual snapshots seamlessly come together to create a stunning masterpiece. Watch as your guests become a part of a visually captivating mosaic, weaving together moments and smiles into a unique work of art. Perfect for weddings, corporate events, and celebrations, our mosaic photo booth adds a touch of creativity and personalized charm to every occasion. Capture memories like never before – join us in transforming moments into a mosaic of joy

Captrust Photo Mosaic Wall

Embarking on our inaugural mosaic venture, we aimed for grandeur, capturing a total of 484 pictures in a single night during their annual all-company event. This mosaic represents a visual testament to the vibrancy and unity experienced on this momentous occasion.

tice conference

We marked the occasion with participants joining us from around the world in Raleigh, eager to glean insights into tools and methodologies that could enhance the success of their training programs for business growth. Throughout the event, we documented the experience by capturing a total of 420 images, featuring both attendees and vendors alike.

TICE Photo Mosaic Wall
Flyquest Photo Mosaic Wall
flyquest lcs spring finals

Commissioned by the FlyQuest e-sports team, we were entrusted with crafting an extraordinary mosaic featuring their dedicated fans. A total of 484 pictures were captured, showcasing the enthusiasm of supporters eagerly awaiting the opportunity to cheer on their team at the LCS Spring Finals. The fans, thrilled to be immortalized in this unique project, expressed their joy at becoming a lasting part of the team's legacy.

60 years at biomerieux

Biomerieux sought a distinctive way to commemorate 60 years with their Durham facility staff. Over the span of two days and across three different shifts, we skillfully captured images of team members. These images were artfully arranged into a life-sized mosaic that now graces their staff lounge, serving as a lasting tribute for years to come.

Biomerieux Photo Mosaic Wall
NACE Photo Mosaic Wall
triangle nace 2023 gala

What a enchanting night it was, celebrating at the Triangle Nace Gala alongside cherished colleagues and friends. We seized the magic of the evening through the lens, capturing 126 moments that would contribute to the creation of a stunning tulip mosaic. Framed with a bespoke 2-inch border, the finished mosaic became a captivating raffle prize, adding an extra layer of allure to the memorable event.

alyson & timothy

Congratulations to Alyson and timothy! It was truly an honor to be part of this beautiful bride's special day. a timeless keepsake to be cherished for a lifetime. Our services extend to both digital and physical mosaics, available for live creation at your wedding or as a post-celebration option!

Wedding Photo Mosaic Wall


Great company, great experience! Our couples love working with Spark!

- nicole c.

Wow! Fantastic attendant, great background, and fun atmosphere that added to our wedding to make it memorable!

- s Brown

It is great working with Spark! Excellent team of people that do a great job with the photo booth. They'll take care of everything from start to finish. I HIGHLY recommend them!

- Eric H.

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